Tangible friends

Ask you if you’ve eaten as they put a single serving microwavable soup container on your desk.


Ask you if you need an ear and just sit silently with you because you’re not able, or ready, to talk it out yet.

Ask you if you want to get together for dinner — not sometime — but right before they are going to pick up a pizza and offer to stop by your house with it.  And beer.  PJ pants are the dress code.

Ask you if you need a place to get away and remind you that they have a guest room with your name on it.  They ask how this weekend is for you.  Ok, next weekend.  They wait while you write it down on your calendar.  They text you the day before.  They say they can’t wait to see you.  They say their dog can’t wait to see you, either.

Ask if you stopped self-medicating with alcohol and leave two cases of diet peach iced tea and two cases of diet Coke on your porch so you just might reach for one of them.  Instead of the gin they know you have hidden from sight.

Thank you tangible friends.  You know who you are : – )


3 thoughts on “Tangible friends

  1. I thought I answered this last night, but it was late and maybe it didn’t go through. I’m fine
    : – ) I have been going through my diary and this stuff came up. I reads like it’s current, but it’s not. Sorry for the confusion and thanks for checking!


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