Let’s meet. How’s yesterday?


So the mediator sends out an email with 5 or 6 dates for a mediation to everyone – my lawyer, my lawyer’s paralegal, me, “-” and “-“‘s standby counsel.

One date is 3/31.  March?  Like next week? We don’t even have a statement together.  I hired my lawyer a week ago.

“-” jumps right on that.  That works for him.

Then the mediator lets the whole group know that the date has been taken by another group.

Sweet.  April would feel much better.

At 6 pm the mediator sends out another email that someone has cancelled for 3/29.  Would that work?


“-” gets right on that at 6:04 pm.  Yes, he can make it, and he really wants to get this scheduled.

It’s so transparent to me.  He has some hidden agenda to get this done ASAP.  Believe me, I do too, but why should my lawyer and I rush to get something prepared for next week?!

I responded today that I can’t do 3/29.

The mediator emails back – how about Monday, 3/28?!

Again, “-” is up for that, too.

Heck, let’s just meet TODAY!

Where are my lawyer’s replies?  Is she stuck in court or another mediation or ???

I emailed her and said I thought next week was too soon.  I didn’t want to tell the mediator and the “other side” that, but come on!

Just got an email to the group from my lawyer’s paralegal.  The lawyer can’t meet next week at all.

THANK GOD!  The paralegal offered more dates in April and into May.

Now we’re talking.  “-” can just cool his jets.

So many emails…cha-ching cha-ching…and we’re barely started!




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