Wa-Wah…Try Again

thYMDL08UFApparently now his counsel cannot be available 4/20.  He said late yesterday to the whole email group that he had sent his proposal to my lawyer and they were negotiating.  The mediation dates proposed after 4/20 were too far out and didn’t make sense to him to try to schedule.

I was so bummed out.

This morning my lawyer’s paralegal sent him an email and said she thought we should grab the date just in case we need it.

Then my lawyer emailed me, PLEASE CALL ME.

  • He’s driving her crazy already.
  • She won’t negotiate with him directly.
  • His proposal is ridiculous and wouldn’t be acceptable to a mediator or court.

She agrees that he must have some desperate situation making him hurry everyone along — he wants to get married, he wants to move and have the marital house off his plate, or he just plain can’t stand not being in charge.

We came up with a strategy.

I feel bad.  Not for him, but for the sad situation that has unfolded and may get WAY worse if he feels backed into a corner.  One of my office friends said if she were me, she’d be enjoying his squirming.

Yep, Karma is a bitch, and that’s another way to go…


LOVE the way this woman looks!  Can you tell?




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