Pain in the head

th5GY9IFPPMigraines –  can’t live with them, cant live…
with them!

Migraines run in my family, but we have different kinds.  My mother’s was linked to her reproductive cycle – headache and vomiting once a month.

Mine were headaches/no vomiting, seeming to be weather related, which morphed into vertigo so bad it felt like the ground was heaving, or rolling, as a walked.  I never knew if I would step and hit it abruptly, or fall clumsily into a well of it, while other people walked along as if it was the same depth (which it was).

Thursday night I had a whopper migraine, but I didn’t realize that’s what it was until later.  I thought it was something I ate.  Something I drank.  Something I caught.

Then I remembered that once in a blue moon I get the stabbing, blinding headache behind my left eye followed by extreme nausea.


I vomited into the bowl I was able to make myself get up and get and then while pouring the contents into the toilet, it was so gross, I spontaneously vomited onto the bathroom floor.  Double gross.  Then I took aspirin for my pounding head, which I threw up into the bowl.

The worst part about these is that the headache is SO BAD I want to cry.  If I let myself cry, the pain is even worse.  I know I can’t drive myself to an emergency room, but it’s a big fucking emergency.  I make myself breath and count out a minute.  I’m still alive and wait for five minutes.

Yes.  I’m actually going to live.

This has happened maybe five times in my life.

Very scary.

So scary you might even pine for the presence of a narcissist to drive you to the ER.

But then you rethink it…

And actually prefer to die.

But you don’t.


Someone at work suggested aromatherapy.

Whatever works!






2 thoughts on “Pain in the head

  1. Migraines run in my family too. My mom’s attacks were pretty severe with all the vomiting like you mentioned. My elder sister also has it. I used to get them quite often but without the vomiting. Strangely enough, after I gave birth 6 years ago, I might have gotten just 3 or 4 major attacks. Sorry you go through it. It’s not something nice at all.
    I’ve read that the essential oil Frankincense can help by putting some on your thumb then pressing it inside your upper mouth. Don’t know. Worth googling

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