Pain in the ear. These pains are a pain in the A$$!

WTF is happening to me?

My migraine was behind my left eye last Thursday.  Yesterday, at about noon, I started getting a stabbing/throbbing pain in my right ear.

Every 20 seconds.  Poke poke.  Like, with a needle.

Ouch.  Wince.

Then I took two aspirin.

Forty minutes later the stabbing slowed down to ten minutes apart.  Then 20.  My ear and face felt hot, but didn’t look red.  I called the doctor.  They said if it continued to go to urgent care.

It stopped.

Until 5 minutes before I left work.  The little knight returned to stab me in the ear again. th5OI0QCME

Things I learned at urgent care:

If it was heart or stroke related, the symptoms would be on the opposite side of the side of the ear pain.  Everything that hurt was on the same side.

The doctor thought it was probably more neurologically based pain.  She gave me Prednisone.  Prednisone?  I’ve heard BAD THINGS about that stuff.

The stabbing came back around 7 pm — about the time the two aspirin were scheduled to wear off.  I took more.

The stabber woke me up at 3 am.  I took two more pills.

This morning touching my scalp “hurt.”  My right cheek feels heavy.  I’m sore for some reason.

Ugh, I’m boring myself, so I assume you’re bored.

I just don’t get it.  WTF is going on?  Stress?  That’s what everyone says is the cause when you can’t figure out something more tangible.  I see my regular doctor tomorrow.  I hope she nixes the Prednisone…







2 thoughts on “Pain in the ear. These pains are a pain in the A$$!

  1. I have a few things to say here:
    1. Get better quickly.
    2. I read anything medical and get the same symptoms so THANKS A LOT.
    3. I hate it when people say STRESS.
    4. Possibly a sinus or what do I know but your doc will manage it and you will be okay.
    5. I’m done. G’nite, get some sleep, if you get pethidine keep me some.


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