Tossed at sea

Most things don’t hurt anymore – the ear, the belly, the head.

Just a dull ache in the head.

That lifts my spirits quite a bit.

Now, things regarding the house threaten to crap out – the water heater, the roof, the rotting trim.

These things cannot happen.

The body can’t break down.

The house can’t break down.

I’m at my limit of resources.  I need my health and shelter to be strong right now.

Sounds like I’m under attack.

Am I?

I’m not literally in a war zone.  Thank god…or whoever…but this egg shell life is kind of stressful and it’s mine.  If I don’t worry about it, who will?

Do our lives need to be worried about?  Probably not.

Back to lifted spirits.

That was a hard, schitzo 30 seconds or so…

Don’t you wish we could trade lives for a while sometimes?  I think I know exactly how to right the ships of some of my friends but mostly have no clue how to right mine.  When we got them back, we’d likely just sink them again anyway and…images[2]

Going to sign off before I’m depressed again!

Moving on



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