When left to my own whims…Spoiler alert – try not to snore. Or, TMI

5:10 Passed McDonalds on my way home.

5:10 Swung back by to go through the drive thru for an ice cream cone.

5:20 Retrieved an AARP magazine from the mailbox.  It had Sally Field on the cover, and looked like it had other promising articles in it.  Put a card for my son in the mailbox and flipped up the red flag for the mailman tomorrow.

5:35 Took my boots off and slipped into bed with my work clothes on.

5:36 Read the magazine cover to cover.

7:00 Watched the newest episode of “The Family” on On Demand.  Scarily good.

7:50 Took at call from my bf.  Laughed a lot.

8:10  Got up.  Drank some grapefruit juice.  Made sure the door was locked.  Turned off some lights.

8:15 Tried to clip the nails of my sleeping cat.  No go.  She just tucked her paws further under her chest with closed eyes.

8:30 Watched 2 episodes of Portlandia.  Meh…Didn’t this show used to be funny?

9:10 Got a text from my daughter with a clip of her singing the solo she is auditioning for tomorrow.

9:12 Listened to the solo.  Uhm…not as good as…nope, didn’t say that.  Said it was a mix of pure and smoky, which it was.  She said he hardly gives solos to freshman.  Relieved her expectations were not too high.

9:20 Basked in the fact that my college-aged daughter sent me a clip of her audition piece.

9:30 Got up and made some microwave popcorn.  I eat when I’m happy, sad, mad, need to concentrate.  Such a drag!

9:45 Ate ALL the popcorn.

3:30 Woke up.  Checked the time, weather, Facebook, and email.  Turned off my alarm so it wouldn’t go off.  Stripped down to my underwear.

3:40 Watched MSNBC.

6:15 Woke up to a confused (concerned?) cat.

6:20 Listened to this:

Found here:

http://esteemology.com/the-importance-of-maintaining-high-emotional-energy/6:30 Got up for realsies.

6:31 Fed the cat.

6:35 Brushed my teeth.

6:37 Didn’t want to see the number on the scale, so held onto the walls so I weighed just what I wanted to.  Perfect.

6:40 Took at shower.  Moisturized with 4 different products – each for a different part of the body.  So time consuming, but if I don’t do it, I itch all day from dryness.

6:55 Made nectar of the gods coffee.  Poured some almond milk onto the counter for the cat (a must-do ritual) and some in a mug for me.

7:05 Drank coffee.

Is this what it’s supposed to look like?


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