Dress Code

th0OHCTYTGI work in a law firm.  Not as a lawyer, let’s be clear right away.

The horror.

The dress code is anywhere from jeans to power suits from the secretaries to the partners.

I hardly see clients, or go to meetings with my peers, and yet, I’m old.  Old fashioned.  And law firms are generally late to anything trendy, so we have a simpatico relationship that way.  I dress more on the formal side most of the time.

Today, however, I have a lunch date with my bf.  I’m pretty excited about that.  We met for lunch a few times last summer, but because of his work schedule, it was not an option to meet for lunch over the winter months.

So, today I chose to wear a dress.  It’s a dress I’ve worn to the office before, so I didn’t think I projected anything different by wearing it, but it IS killer on me for some reason.

I mentioned to my work bestie that I had a date for lunch and she said, “That’s why you’re so fancy today.”


I admit I spent quite a bit of time thinking over what to wear.  I want my bf to see me in my work clothes.  I think they look better than the shabby clothes I wear to go fishing on the weekend.  We are just about the same height, so, I also thought hard about the shoes I am wearing.  I like to wear heels, and do often at the office, but if I wear them, I will be taller than him.  I chose the heels anyway.

My bf gets to dress casually for his work, but one time he had a funeral to go to, and he made a point of putting on his nice suit early enough so that I could see him in it before I left his house.  thVDEOXVKP

Similar thing.  We are not just the casual fisher-people we are on the weekends.  We dress up sometimes.  Apparently it’s important to show each other.  Calling Dr. Freud?

th3QU3M1K6Oh, screw it.  I have a fabulous lunch to attend!



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