Mediation video…junkie? Is that a thing?

I’m into YouTube meditation videos.  Hypnosis, too.


Last night I listened to maybe eight of them cause that’s how I roll.  Netflix can cause me to hibernate for days at a time.

Very often the voiceover accents in videos are British or Australian.  Are they more authoritarian?

There was the lady who kept saying things like “rubbish” and “dust bin.”  You know…British-y words.  She didn’t say “lift,” but you get it.

There was the sanctimonious one.  I didn’t like her “look,” and she was so smug, but I couldn’t.  stop.  paying.  attention.  She insisted that clearing one’s energy field was so easy, so basic.  Here, she’d show you.

I think these things caused me to listen harder and I wondered if that’s on purpose.

If you’re saying to yourself, well duh, cut me some slack.  I’m not a schemer,  nor do I have a strategic bent at all.

I think it made me sleep better, too, which is about time.

Maybe you’ll try it?  Meditation?  Hypnosis?  Or do try it now?  Am I late to this?



3 thoughts on “Mediation video…junkie? Is that a thing?

      1. how hilarious? but i know a woman, okay she is a bit nuts, who listens to it every.single.night. to fall asleep. there’s a whole range, folding towels, brushing air, hanging dishcloths…
        I giggle each time


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