Moose Meat and Tequila Talkin’

My bf and I met online, but instead of lots of back and forth chat, we decided to meet at a local Japanese restaurant for dinner.  Neither one of us drank.

Today, about nine months later, we are proud to announce the birth of …

JK!  It just seemed natural to follow “nine months later”  with “proud to announce the birth.”

Eventually, we enjoyed trying different wine, beer, and mixed drinks together.

I didn’t used to be a tequila drinker, but my bf makes it with Paul Newman’s limeade and whatever.  Other stuff.  So GOOD!

He gets bottles of tequila that I have repurposed into vases, etc.  th9MT3OWZH

They are so pretty.  Now he’s starting on a collection of Mexican sugar skull inspired bottles.

th[5].jpgActually, maybe just skull inspired bottles.

It’s fun!  However, tequila gives me very vivid, usually weird, and sometimes violent, dreams.

Saturday we drank tequila with our grilled moose meat, pepper, and onion sandwiches.

Oh yes.  Very wild, fast, dreams.  Vivid.  Weird.  Violent.

And apparently, for the first time, I talked all night in my sleep.






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