Meditation Revelation

Last night I watched this YouTube video on how to meditate.  He said not to lie down.  He said the spine should be as upright and straight as possible, but if you need a chair with a back at first, that’s ok.  If you lie down you fall asleep.

Well…all the ones I’ve chosen so far are the ones that you are meant to fall asleep to.  Hmmm…

I watched that “how to” one and listened to a guided meditation on irritable bowel syndrome.  I’m all calm in the tummy region now.

The how-to guy also said you have to commit or you don’t get the (full?) benefits.  He has meditated for an hour a day for over 250 days in a row!  I can’t imagine that at this stage, but I feel like I see benefits already!

I am also highly suggestible, so if you told me listening to guided meditation makes you grow broccoli out of your ears and mouth, I am CERTAIN I would wake up with broccoli in my ears and mouth.




Also, it confuses the cat.

What will I listen to next?  Can’t wait to go lie down!


3 thoughts on “Meditation Revelation

    1. That’s such an awesome comment!
      I like the guided meditation and hypnosis videos by Michael Sealey. They are sometimes too long but his voice is so soothing.


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