Ok, now on to hypnosis

I wear the same stacked rings all the time.  Tuesday or Wednesday at work they felt tight, so I took them off and dumped them in my purse, which was on the floor, and didn’t wear them the rest of the day.


The next day I was getting ready for work and guess what — no rings on my pretty glass ring stand where they ALWAYS go.

I was naked that day at work.  At least that’s how you feel when you don’t wear something you always wear.  Like a watch.  Or underwear.  Oh wait, that’s mostly only in dreams.

So, since I’m on this kick, I went home last night and listened to a hypnosis session on finding things.  The guide said it may take a minute or two to find your lost item after the session was over, but no more than two hours.

One of these rings is very symbolic as you may know if you have read my blog for a while.  I took my engagement diamond and tucked it between two garnets I had, creating a new family ring (I decided in my mind), with me as the diamond and my two kids as the garnets.  I really needed to find that one.  The other two that go on either side are $10 channel rings I could replace easily and cheaply.

I had a hard time concentrating because of the importance of finding these rings, which is weird for me since I am so suggestible, but I finished the session.

The only thing that happened was that I remember I also had a store plastic bag by my purse and maybe I threw them in there instead.  I looked through a few plastic bags in my house.  By the cat litter.  Under the sink.  In the trash.

I better stick to mediation, I thought.  Then I remembered I had some change in the bottom of my purse as well.  I usually put those coins in a box near the trash can.  See where I’m going?


10 1/2 minutes.

Hypnosis or magic?  Terrestrial or Extraterrestrial?  Don’t care.  Thank you internet hypnotist!


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