I Screwed the Pooch, or, Friday the 13th Can Suck It

I am very ashamed to say that I sent “-” what started out to be just a logistical email about tidying up the house and lawn for sale, but ended by me screwing the pooch.

There may have been phrases like “mow the lawn” and “take the old TV to the dump”  in the email.  There may also have been words like “whore” and “motherfucker” in the email.

I saw miss “-” driving in my neighborhood.  That started this shit storm churning.  I CANNOT LOOK AT HER.  OR HIM, without things turning red, and only searing fire that burns to gray ash will calm me down.

Mediation is Wednesday.

Perfect timing, me.

“-” sent my lawyer the email with all my colorful language and said I obviously couldn’t mediate in good faith.

Well, hells bells —

I AM the bad client.

I apologized to him by email the next morning and sent a heads up email to my lawyer the next morning.  There was nothing else I could do.

He says he’s going to cancel mediation, file a petition, and get a restraining order against me.  I think he’s bluffing, but…I actually see his point on the restraining order.

I blame Friday the 13th, miss “-” driving on my street (which she can totally avoid to get to her house), and extreme pain.

Still.  Extreme. Pain.

I don’t want this me to be the permanent me.







2 thoughts on “I Screwed the Pooch, or, Friday the 13th Can Suck It

  1. Thank you : ( I do want the divorce. He left me for a woman we both know and my daughter babysat her kids AND he was her boss. It’s just so bitter to try and swallow all of that. And, he’s not sorry. Or ashamed. I do want to be rid of him though. The sooner he’s all her problem the better.

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