You know what I learned at therapy today?


My appointment was yesterday.

You know what I learned from having a life decision made on my behalf that I would not have agreed to?  At least in the way it went down?

I use a lot of negative self talk.

I tense up every time I eat.  And I eat fast.  No wonder I have IBS.  Slowing down for three big breaths between bites can change your digestive life.

I exaggerate the bad things — I missed an appointment; I’m so stupid!  I am still too emotional about separating; everyone must be impatient for me to move on.

I have a hard time letting go and enjoying the moment because I fear something bad will happen.

I have learned that I am capable of many things.  They get done in my quirky brand, but they get done.  I have more confidence that I can repeat this.

I have noticed that most things are funny if you can step back a little — spilling coffee while holding a cup of cold coffee and turning the key in the house door; taking too much time to put together an outfit, including white shorts, and getting black nail polish on them right before I touch up my nails to leave the house; letting the cat escape and chasing her around the yard in the dark with the rotisserie chicken I just bought and whispering, “Jazzy…chicken!” for about ten minutes.  Does that just not beg for YouTube documentation?

Today I feel as if things are going to be fine, friends, and that’s a new one.




4 thoughts on “You know what I learned at therapy today?

  1. I like the fact that you can still find the humor. Hang in there. And “Jazzy” is a great cat name. (Or was it a jazzy chicken?)
    There is no particular reason why I am asking this next question on this particular post, but I’ve been wondering for a while why the same gray graphic appears on your posts so often – a circle with a camera in it and a diagonal line through it – . . . ?

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  2. Oh no…I think it might be because what I pull of the internet for pictures cannot legally be copied
    : – ( I wondered about that.

    Jazzy is “Jasmine’s ” nickname. She’s so not a Jasmine and so a Jazzy!

    Many doings on the settlement front today. I am very superstitious, but there may be a deal brewing…cross your fingers and toes!


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