Family vacation – See you 7/15

Number 2 kid* and I are visiting Number 1* kid for a long weekend in Atlanta starting tomorrow.

Where Number 1 is in medical school.

Number 2 has only been in the Atlanta airport.  She has not seen Number 1’s apartment, met his roommate, his girlfriend.  Has not seen his campus or his favorite haunts.

I saw a lot of that last year.  Number 1 and I spent a good deal of time at first on his leafy sun-diffused patio discussing his father.

Wow.  Things were still very raw back then.

He witnessed his parent cry.  Quite a bit.  About is other parent.  In spite of how hard that may have been, (and unfair), he was a good listener.

Then we had a lot of fun distracting ourselves with a picnic with his friends, soccer in the park, brunch.  A stroll through a southern cemetery where there was a “Confederate Dead” section.

He and his friends didn’t seem embarrassed to take me to a “hip” area with unbelievable graffiti art.

God bless those kids.  They have taught me a lot while I pretended to be competent enough to raise them.

I am looking forward to being with my family for a few days.  My son, my daughter, and me.  My family.

*Just refers to birth order



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