RIP Married Woman

What would you like for your last meal, married woman?  What would you like the tombstone to say?

It isn’t “official” yet, but will be in a matter of days.  I’m dipping my toe in the water:

  • Changing my login at work.
  • Changing the cat’s last name.

Hey!  It’s a thing.  She has a middle name, too.  (God, I can’t believe I have to tell some people that.)

Welcome back young woman from 1992!  A lotta shit happened out here while you had your head up someone’s ass. This guy  “-”

  • You’re fatter now. Sorry.
  • And wrinkly – er.  Sorry.
  • Older
  • Wiser
  • Single
  • And ready to mingle.  You know, in a geriatric kind of way.

I actually think it will be fun.  I’m excited.  I’m not sad, or mad, or depressed.

Not today.


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