Move, Moving, Moved, Have Moved

I’ve “moved,” but am still “moving.”  I have slept at the new place twice, but fun fact:

I have triggered the smoke detector both mornings boiling water for coffee.  The landlord looked at the stove and pronounced it “fine.”  If I boil it on a burner further from the detector it doesn’t go off.

Problem solved?

The kitchen TV feels very hot when it’s running, too.  Was that a thing?  Is that normal?  What’s going on with the electricity behind that wall?  Did I mention the stove gave off a smell too?  Like something burning?  I thought it was just something spilled on the burner.

The toilet wouldn’t fully flush this morning, either.  The only thing in it was a tissue I used while putting on makeup.

Renting.  Ah…I remember.

I spend 1  1/2 to 2 hours an evening at the old house going through 25 years of kids’ handwritten Mother’s Day cards, report cards, playbills, concert programs, and the like.  I would love to keep it all, but…

Also, found passports, savings bonds, etc.  Let’s keep it our little secret that these gems took me by surprise…

The only tangible thing I’ve lost, that I haven’t found yet, are my glasses.  Good thing I only need them for driving.  And movies.  Anything far away, really.

Shit, gotta find my glasses!


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