Yard Sale!

I’m going to sell my yard tomorrow.

One time I asked someone if “Baby Sale” in the newspaper sounded to them (like it did to me) that the store was advertising that they were selling babies.  That’s illegal.  Right?  That someone just looked at me, but the look said, “You think this  ‘I’m so weird’ thing is cute, but it’s really just extremely tiresome.”

I’m selling items from my house tomorrow.  In a yard.  My yard.  Well, my old yard.

Wait a minute… I’m starting to think that rude chick had a point.

I’m excited.  I hope it goes well.  I hope it all goes!  I hope everyone wants to buy random crap and used furniture.  And, things my ex and his consort think will be there for their use — like the ancient washer and dryer — but they won’t!  Because someone will always buy barely functioning appliances!  See?  Are you feeling it?  Magic!  Disney magic!

I only had one other yard sale.  It was several years ago, but I remember that there was a point where I was almost euphoric.  I brought out more and more stuff because it was such a high to see it all go away without any effort from me.  And!  People gave me a little cash so they could take it away for me.

Who was the genius who thought this up?  I hope the dynamics haven’t changed.

Talk at you Monday!  Have a good weekend!




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