This is what I started a blog for

These are some of my recent, very petty, little annoyances that in the scheme of the whole big world full of real problems should not even be spoken into life, but this is what I started a blog for — to air my problems!

  • When you have keys made on your lunch break for your bf and your neighbors who will take care of your cat while you’re in Iceland and they don’t work and you have to go back and they insist they can make them work instead of just giving you a refund so you can go try another hardware store
  • When you are late already getting back from letting the guy who bought the ping pong table into the house so he can disassemble it and you didn’t bring a lunch AGAIN and you drive through McDonalds even ordering something health conscious like a southwest salad with grilled chicken and you are so psyched to open it up at work and there’s NO chicken in it


  • When you buy a fan for your new attic apartment in 90 degree weather and you have to put it together and there are only 5 parts total but you CANNOT get it together and you take it back and the guy validates you by confirming that yes there are two of the same part so they will never snap together as they were meant to and he gives you the floor model and you take it home and the plastic that’s been on the display takes off the ink markings because it’s been fused onto the display while being displayed and when the fan oscillates it makes a whining noise and you can’t get it to stop even with WD 40

Lost time, energy, and money, but I’m not sure there’s a lot I could have done in any of these situations without expending even more time, energy, and money, except, perhaps,





Image result for woman writing

Wait…who said that? Freud?


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