Likelinley, the re-boot

Likelinley, the original (0 – 28), was:

  • full of wonder
  • a girl who took senior pictures with her cat
  • a girl who only spoke the dialect of math that is reading music
  • a girl who felt a soul connection to trees
  • sure there was magic at work
  • a girl who believed that she would be famous someday for something
  • a girl who was confidently smart – 5th in her class – (of 25)

Likelinley, 2.0 (29 – 52), was:

  • too tired to wonder
  • a woman whose husband was allergic to cats (a lie)
  • a woman who put down her instrument and also never sang
  • a woman who wished the trees would part, just for a minute, so she could confirm the sky was still there
  • sure magic was just for her kids
  • told she was ordinary, worse than ordinary, a disappointment
  • in search of her confidence

Image result for tired mother

Likelinley, the re-boot (53 1/2 – ?), is:

  • able to take time to wonder again
  • a woman with a cat friend
  • a woman who is taking a second look at math — the balancing the checkbook part and the reading of notes again — to make a little music maybe
  • a woman who loves trees AND sky
  • a woman who has caught a glimpse of magic running around delighting people — all ages
  • unconcerned with fame and image
  • confident that things will work out

Image result for woman and cat


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