I’d like to tell you what I found out about Madeleine Peyroux, Charlie Chaplin, and Oona O’Neill, but I don’t feel very well…

I saw Madeleine Peyroux perform on Saturday.  I’d like to write all about it (it was spectacular), but I don’t feel very well.

Image result for exhausted woman

So, I went poking around the internet, ending up on Wikipedia.  Says here one of Peyroux’s  influences was Charlie Chaplin.

Charlie Chaplin?!  I thought he was a silent film actor.

Among MANY things, he wrote Smile.  Did you know that?  Lots of people covered it, but I hear Nat King Cole sing it in my head.

Chaplin had four wives — all pretty much jail bait actresses — and he had eight children with the last one alone! — She was Oona O’Neill, daughter of Eugene O’Neill.  Her granddaughter is Oona Chaplin — a Spanish actress who did some episodes of  Game of Thrones, among others, I see.  I don’t know first hand, because I’ve never watched Game of Thrones.  Don’t judge.  In fact, I was just watching Odd Mom Out and Vanessa and Jill (have come to hate that name — the whore’s name is Jill) have a spat over how Jill begs Vanessa to watch it, but how Vanessa resists, until she doesn’t, and emerges from her binge a wreck.  She’s supposed to be a doctor on that series.  Do doctors have blocks of time that extensive?

I could ask my son, the med student, who is calling tonight to catch up, but

Where was I?

As I said, I don’t feel well, and I just spent an exhausting day wandering around the interwebs.



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