Under…things (wait an hour before reading if you just ate)

I hate underwear.  Not enough to not wear it…I hate that more, for various reasons…but it never fits!

I’m what you call “long-waisted.”

I’m also what you call well-fed, well-nourished, pleasingly plump, or just plain overweight.  So, even when I’m on the lower end of my weight spectrum, it takes more fabric to cover just the sheer distance.  Squishy things tend to spill out over and around the borders.

Un. Comfort…able.

Image result for too tight underwearSo, even if I buy XL, it tends to be too low, too tight, too uncomfortable.  This goes for all lower body clothing, actually.  And, while I’m not thin, I see MANY people who are a hell-of-a-lot fatter than me…what size underwear do they have to buy?!



One thought on “Under…things (wait an hour before reading if you just ate)

  1. Lol…I buy underwear and it sometimes makes no difference what size I buy, it ALL gets stuck underneath the fold of belly fat that has been cured up into my abdomen where my three c-section scars are. I feel your pain…and I too am pleasantly-plump!

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