The answer is yes.

We just had a big goodbye party for someone at work who is close to retirement age, but is leaving to spend his last 3 – 4 years with another place.

He was a founder of my company.

Today someone else said they were leaving after 27 years.  He doesn’t know if/what he’ll do, but he’s not retirement age.  At all.

This is after a bunch of people were fired for company relationships (not allowed) and other people leaving to make more money.

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Do I stay or do I go now?  It’s not just The Clash asking anymore.

How much change can I take?  I’m so weary of it…

Is it time to leave, too?

I would like to do something that involves A LOT less paper.

I would like to do something I feel good about.

I would like to do something that doesn’t require as much “but in the chair” time.

I just heard something on the radio about a life coach for stock traders who want to perform better.  She doesn’t ask them questions about what you think.  At least not what I think.  She asks them questions that get to the root of their ideas around money.  The bottom line is that you have to believe you deserve money and believe you can make it happen yourself.  You have to believe.


Do I think I deserve to slave away, disrespected, unappreciated, and wiped out?

Do the possibilities scare me shitless,

or make me tingle with hope?





3 thoughts on “The answer is yes.

  1. Five years ago I moved from the top rung of the career ladder in my profession down to one of the near bottom rungs (speaking in terms of pay and perks). I was tired and uninspired in the old job – but didn’t realize how much so until I started the new one which I sort of fell in love with. The drop in pay was a bit of a shock – but I also sensed how much the quality of my entire life had improved. No dollar value can be put on that. The final surprise – despite earning less and not really altering my life style, I still have more money in my bank account at the end of the month than I used to. Go figure.
    All of this is to say don’t stick with a job you don’t enjoy. It’s one third of your day, five days a week, 50 weeks a year – that’s a whole lot of time to be spending unhappy or unfulfilled. Glad to hear you got to the answer yes.

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