Babe, there’s something tragic about you. Something so magic about you. Don’t you agree?

Image result for hozier

Yes.  And “yes” no matter who we’re talking about.

Obsessed with Hozier, especially the song, From Eden, that starts that way.

Not obsessed like a screaming fan,

more like in awe of the poetic brilliance of his lyrics.

Not to say his voice and looks aren’t…unique accompaniments.  Thank you for choosing a ponytail and not a man-bun.

I’m trying to think of this post from the eyes of my daughter, who is more in the vein of a screaming fan.

I creep me out, then, but an older woman should be able to express her admiration for a younger talented man.

What seems to make it creepier is that I want to know EVERYTHING about him.  She doesn’t.  She says it ruins her enjoyment if she knows too much about an artist.

Just so you know:  He’s Irish (turn of phrase goes to you guys), child of a blues musician, given name is Andrew Hozier-Byrne, very tall, and seems very sweet to fans.  So far.

Go listen if you haven’t yet…

My daughter has my permission to pursue a relationship with him.

See?  Yep, still creepy.  Sorry!




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