Holding on to old pain

“2. Holding on to old pain is self-abuse. 

Your past has given you the strength and wisdom you have today, so celebrate it. Don’t let it haunt you. Replaying a painful memory over and over in your head is a form of self-abuse. Toxic thoughts create a toxic life. Make peace with yourself and your past.”

Excerpted from an email blast I subscribe to over at marcandangel.com.

Image result for squeezing a bloody heartWell, damn.  That’s just the way to speak to me so I can hear it.

I don’t want to be an abuser!  I hate abusers — and don’t consider myself one — an abuser of other people, that is (at least consciously).

But myself?  Maybe…

Definitely…if you look at it this way.

So I’m really glad I read that!

Check out the people who said it, Marc and Angel Chernoff, at Mark and Angel Hack Life, for other clear-headed, straightforward, ideas to help you with your life.

Have a good Tuesday!



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