She seems so happy…

…it almost breaks my heart.

Is that a shame?

She’s at school.  She’s auditioning for all her favorite things — choir, the play Legally Blonde that she got a callback for, her judicial board job has started, her roommate had a birthday.  Her room is starting to smell because no one has time to wash clothes, are you kidding?

I have seen her down the dark hole of depression and she called me today with a litany of possibilities for this year — including her follow up on a new job for next summer — she said she was circling a tree on campus as she talked to me because she had so much energy to expend.

Image result for talking on the phone by a tree

It chokes me up.  Really.

She’s a good girl who stepped in some smelly shit the past few years.  I’m so happy she’s happy.  I hope shell be happy tomorrow.  I hope if things don’t work out she can take it in stride.

Around that tree.



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