Who gets the jewelry? Does that make me a dick?

My mind has really wandered all over the place this weekend, but one train of thought was about all the jewelry my ex mother-in-law told me she was going to pass on to me when she died.  Is there a rider that the brand new floosy ex-Mrs. “-” gets all that jewelry now?

Does that make me a dick?  It was just one of my many thoughts about how this has changed the whole family dynamic, not just ours.

Once “-” said, “I didn’t leave the family, I just left you.”  Ah…it doesn’t work that way.

Anyway, I don’t even wear jewelry.  I have the one ring with the stones representing me and my kids, a “mother’s” ring, and a necklace with a drop pearl, that I picked out, and that I put my dad’s baby baptism ring on after he passed away.

My ex mother-in-law’s taste isn’t mine, but it was nice to know she felt like leaving some of her valuables to me.  Since she can’t even acknowledge my birthday now, the mother of two of her grandchildren, I doubt that stash still has my name on it.

I am certain that my name is already scratched out and the third wife’s name is penciled in on the box. Oh hey…that makes me wonder if the first wife was promised the jewelry that I was then promised, that now goes to #3.

Shit, I am developing a case of “middle wife” syndrome!  Doesn’t having the kids count for something?  Neither one nor three bore his children.

I guess whoever sits in the wife chair when my mother-in-law passes away ends up with it.

Maybe my daughter should get it, but she isn’t into jewelry either.

I remember once “-“‘s mother was trying to give me her fur coat.  You know, it had gone out of vogue, and political correctness, and she had moved to Florida, but it was a nice fur and probably a lot of money was paid for it.

She had me try it on to entice me to take it.

“-” walked by, and she asked him how he thought I looked in it as I was checking myself out from different angles in a mirror.

“She looks like a hooker.”

…Good times…



One thought on “Who gets the jewelry? Does that make me a dick?

  1. Ask yourself – do you really want that jewelry? I bet it weighs 10,000 pounds and takes up a whole lot of space. I imagine it like having a big ol’ elephant in your house – one that will never (let you) forget.


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