My issues are back from their hiatus. Hi issues…

I can’t stop eating chips.  What do we think that’s all about?

Salt?  I have a baggie of salt in my desk drawer, full disclosure.  Most things are just not salted enough for me.

Hope I don’t have high blood pressure.  Or get it.


Image result for eating potato chips

Even though I wasn’t a “biter” as a kid, there are some things in the present I’d like to bite.

Chips usually get eaten with a sandwich.  We all know a sandwich from a shop of some kind is probably double the size one should eat in one sitting.  I swear on the way back to the office that I’m going to eat HALF the sandwich and HALF the bag of chips.

Today was egg salad.  Am I really going to save half of that for tomorrow’s lunch?

Uh, no.

It amazes me that I’m in my 5th decade of life and I don’t have eating (and drinking) under control.  I think I’ve said that before, but, I mean, REALLY.  Those are some effed up problems right there.  I have TOO much food to choose from and TOO much to drink available?  Poor me.

Also, all the “I just can’t eat because I’m going through a divorce” clothes are getting PRETTY tight.  See the underwear blog.

A)  It’s good to feel so much better that I can eat.

B)  All my old issues were just on hiatus.

Any skinny bitches want to weigh in here?

Get it?

“Eat less; exercise more,” will not be accepted.  This is WAY more complicated for me — and others — than that.  If it was that easy, we’d all be at a healthy weight.  If it’s that easy for you, I think you’re lost on the blogosphere.




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