She has a new Facebook page and my old last name

Yes, I went looking for a picture I had seen of her on her workplace page.

Image result for facebook surfing

I feel like something is up (I think I’m a little psychic) and I went poking around.

The picture wasn’t there.  Her name wasn’t in the directory.

Did she change jobs?

Oh, no, she started a new Facebook page, a couple of days before they got married.  Funny, I couldn’t have one.  No. Internet. Presence.

Either she convinced him it was ok for her to have one, they are using it to keep track of my children, or he doesn’t know she started another one.  Her old Facebook page disappeared one day, erasing her past life as she is doing in real time.

Her profile picture is her in all her…unfortunate…glory at my family’s favorite restaurant.

Bad Picture
Her First Name
My Last Name


My “old” husband will (maybe) show up on that page and my children as well.  Why did I do this again?!

Actually, her new last name is my old last name.  Just like all her new “stuff” is my “old” stuff.

Good luck with that, sister!




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