You don’t have to be a narcissist to be a champ un-empathetic person, it helps to be a lawyer, though

Shhhhh…..It’s 7:03.  We aren’t even close to being done.

My boss asked me if I could “stay a little” at 4:30 pm today.  I get off at 5 pm.

He’s still writing the pleading!  Yes, he’s a lawyer.  Yes, I married, and work for, lawyers.

Although the deadline is f*cking MIDNIGHT for filing online with this court, it’s not meant that you use every minute until  MIDNIGHT to torture your assistant who had NO IDEA this was on the menu for work today!

You can get a JD, but you can’t understand how long it’s going to take to write, edit, and file a pleading?!  Not after 35 years of doing it?  Oh, and attachments, too.  SEVEN OF THEM SO FAR.

Is it me?  It’s me, right?  Punishment?  Karma?  WTF?

Why am I on this crazy train?

Also, a very nice person at work got mad at me today for directing a question by email to someone other than her.  I should have known it was her, she said.  I was not at the meeting where that was decided, I said.  She said, how do you think that made me feel?

I thought, well, not the fuck like you’re feeling and rubbing it all over me!

Are you kidding me?

I could really use some lunch at 7 pm here!  Or skip lunch.  This is why people drink!  Might as well wait until lunchtime tomorrow the way this is going!



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