Take Two…Twice…And Some Fall Pics

Or, same song, second verse, on a loop.

Another filing in the same court today.  Who are we kidding?  Tonight.  We were here until 9 last night.

Pleading is nowhere ready.

At one point at about 10:15 this morning I thought all the changes in the 60+ page document were lost.

When our resident computer guru helped me retrieve the changes and told me to “be on my way,” I just couldn’t for a sec.  There was just too much adrenaline rushing through my body, which was saying, “All is lost!” and “Bazinga!” in practically the same second.

I am too old for this shit.

In an update of crappy story number two from yesterday, she told my friend, who told me she was mad at me, that my friend was a hypocrite.  (Nobody has the will to figure that sentence out, I’m assuming, but someone called someone a hypocrite.  That’s not nice.)

And, as promised, Fall pics:




Mercury is out of retrograde or whatever Thursday.

That’s what I’m shooting for…

Who’s with me?


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