Un-wifed, un-homeownered, un-friended

So, this woman at work is mad at me for asking someone else a question about something that is her responsibility.

I’m sorry?

I guess?

I said so.

I wasn’t all that diplomatic or calm.

I was upset, too.

I can’t remember that I should have asked her about this particular thing.  The boundaries and lines aren’t that sharp in my office. I am still working out getting completely financially separated from the “marital home” and retirement account.  My X is scarring my daughter daily with his thoughtless conduct, work has been brutal time and content wise…

and I’m an airhead.

I wasn’t very PC, but I did talk to her directly, and I did apologize.

She had made a big deal at a meeting about going directly to the person you have a beef with instead of around their back.  Then she told my friend about how mad she was at me.

That’s when I asked to talk with her alone.

Now she has “unfriended” me on Facebook.

Unfortunately, her passive-aggressive behaviors are very familiar to me….

Oh, yes…


Was that way, I should say.  It’s very shitty to be on the other end of that, and I get it now.  I’m going to try to change.

Un-friended, un-wifed, un-homeownered.




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