Look at this! I took the first step.

IMG_3186.JPGThat strip of paper in the glass bubbler records my first offering of gratitude.  I love the aesthetic.  I am going to make the strips of paper different colors.  That will be pretty!

The strips have a place for the date, person, and thing that person is grateful for on that date.

So, if you come to my house, you will be invited to participate.

I think after they are read on New Year’s Eve, I will string them up somewhere.

Then, they will live on as positive thoughts in the air, each string representing a year of gratitude.

This is some pretty hippie shit, but I’m into it.

You know what?  Even thinking about gratitude has started the healing process.

I know I will bump into poisonous, painful feelings in the future.  They’re a natural thing.  But they’re not meant to be ruminate upon.

If I’m going to ruminate, it’s going to be on things I’m grateful for.


8 thoughts on “Look at this! I took the first step.

    1. If you mean me….I am not sure. I kind of see the blog as thanking the universe. However, I am going to let the idea roll around in my brain (untethered) and see what I think early next week.

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