Languorous, but sometimes brave

My daughter just texted me and asked me what languorous means.  I could tell by the root, etc., the gist of it, but since I was on the interweb I looked it up.

“Languorous refers to a certain kind of mood everyone gets in sometimes — when you’d rather lie around thinking than doing work or having fun. When you’re languorous, you’re tired and maybe a little depressed.”

That’s me!  That describes…

my whole aesthetic for…

my whole life.

Except for maybe not my WHOLE life, and I say that because before my daughter texed  me, I had a conversation with a co-worker.  She pointed out how brave I have been.  I told her I didn’t ever, even once, describe myself as brave.

She pointed out a lot of stuff that seemed pretty brave.

If I saw me from the vantage point of not being me, I would have to agree with her.

And, she should know.  She’s busted some brave moves herself.

I’ll give you an example from me:  I got off the floor and found, and moved into, an apartment I LOVE, that doesn’t remind me of the past 19 months of pain, and is a refuge for me and my kids when they come around.

Her:  She was so shy (and/or whatever’s going on inside her) that she hadn’t eaten in public in about 15 years, I think.  She broke that streak this summer to go to her son’s wedding.  She ate there.

Kids…they get their moms off their languorous asses!

BOOM!  Lionesses!


This is a picture my daughter took.  Isn’t it beautiful?  She really has an eye, I think.



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