Newsflash…shit continues to roll downhill



I want to move from “downhill.”


I don’t want anyone else to be “downhill” either.

It is unfair,

Usually undeserved,

and smelly.

I just spent the weekend in a place with very aggressive people — the way they spoke, and stood on line, and drove.  You know, as a whole.

If you are hesitant, they look at you like, “What’s the matter with you?  Are you paralyzed?  Go ahead.  Have you ordered yet?  Because we haven’t ordered yet.  Where’s the end of this line?  Is there an accident?  Why is this car going to slow?  I’ll just drive inches from it’s bumper to show it how fast it should be going.  And, if that doesn’t work, I’ll pass wherever I want, double line or not.”

It is said that the meek, (I’d say that’s me), shall inherit the Earth.

Hopefully the Earth won’t be completely fucked up by the time the aggressors are through with it, and we meek can take a turn.

Maybe you aggressors could just stop aggressing for a damn hot minute.  Not everything has to be done in 5th gear.

In fact, most things shouldn’t be done in 5th gear.



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