And now for some fresh negativity…


I got an affidavit yesterday by email from my X’s refi mortgage company.  At 8 pm.

I got a heads up about that email coming.  At 8:20 pm.  From my X.

No introduction, no fanfare, a reminder that there’s no payout for me, just sign the affidavit and send it back.  Would I be filing the quitclaim deed myself, or do I want them to file it?

#1.   I want my name off the mortgages.

No #2, or 3.  That’s it.  That’s all I want.  Just one thing left on my agenda.  It is a part of the divorce decree, and was supposed to happen by 10/1.

Unfortunately, these things need to happen first:

The affidavit needs to be corrected in the following ways — 1) my name, 2) the date of the divorce decree, 3) the name of the court, 4) the docket number of the court.  That’s just about EVERYTHING insert-able into the affidavit.  It was all wrong.

At the risk of being all, Donald-Trump-and-everything, I am going to send the quitclaim deed to them, they are going to pay for that transmittal, they will file it with the Registry, and the fee will be charged to my X.




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