Screw Strife; Happy Life

Here are two pictures of things I did this weekend:


  1. I went to a David Bromberg concert.  He has many, varied, great songs, but I was introduced to him by hearing his song, “I’ll take you back.”  It scratched the getting-divorced-spot exquisitely.  He’ll take her back when, “water ain’t wet and congress pays off the national debt.”  You get it.  And,stash-pumkin
  2. I carved this lovely jack-o-lantern.  This is supposed to look like my bf’s cat.  If you knew how un-crafty I am, you would be very proud.  Despite the fact that the cat’s tail looks like a dragon, or some kind of reptile tail, and it’s a little lopsided, I like it.  It does look like by bf’s cat.

My weekends are happier.  I’m happier.

There’s always strife, but it’s easier to box up these days.




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