Badass…maybe. Be afraid…a little bit.

61v83d7uykl-_uy500_1I bought this badass little number online and it came today.

It’s described as a “men’s bangle cuff.”

Yeah…no, I had to have it and I’m a woman.

So I’ve got it on and LOVE it!

I can’t figure out what I’m trying to say by wearing it:

I’m rock ‘n roll on my time off and forgot to take off my leather bracelet from performing as a bass player in my weekend band?  That’s quite a lot for one little bracelet to say.  Even a cuff.

Maybe this woman has a hidden “tasteful” tattoo, as well?

I wear all things black.  Oh, yes, look at that.  It is leather.  I hadn’t noticed.

I’m an “old” lady trying to wear “young” things and don’t know it?  Pathetic.

I’m a Pisces.  We don’t know who we are and like to try on any and all personalities?

Who knows.

Feels good. Looks good.  At least to me.




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