Know what I hate about bloggers?


You find one you like.  Really like.

Reading their posts is a big part of your day.  You know about what time they post.  You wait.  You imagine what could be holding them up from giving you your fix.

Or, they disappear for a while.  A long, excruciating, while.

And, I’m fairly confident that I’m no one’s favorite blogger, but I have been gone for over a week, and if you were waiting, I’m sorry.  I know I hate waiting.

At the Thanksgiving reunion, my mom was so fragile looking from her leukemia (in remission) and Parkinson’s.  My bf’s dad passed away during that time.  And my bllf — best life long friend — was diagnosed by telephone with breast cancer as we sat in my mom’s living room.  Life reaches you no matter where you are, and no matter how long it takes you to travel there.

Despite that, it could not have gone better.  The relatives who had never met each other, seemed to like each other, or at least recognize themselves in each other.  My mom is still my sweet, funny mom.  My bf will grieve and move on.  My bllf is one of those people who says things like, “I don’t have time for cancer,”  and “Bring it.”

She’ll be fine.

We’ll all be fine.

In fact, we’re all better than we were a week ago.




2 thoughts on “Know what I hate about bloggers?

  1. The same thing happens to me with Vloggers (specifically Jvloggers). I find it excruciating to wait for a new post.
    As for bloggers…I guess I follow enough of them that there is always something to read. However, upon reflection, I do miss some when they don’t post often (I am thinking of three female bloggers in fact–Brit, Bri and Ms. Rain).
    I hope someday I will inspire this kind of devotion with my words.
    Thanks for making me think about it.

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