yes, naming the things I’m grateful for is canceling out the straggling painful feelings

img_3209Remember this?  There are a few more strips in it than in this picture, but I don’t think I’ve put one in since before I left for my Thanksgiving week.  So, I’m probably behind 18 days or so.

I could have put in a strip about:

how the week with the newly met, and old hat, relatives went as well as possible;

how there was really only one tiff between my daughter and me, and we spent seven whole days together;

how my brother looks, acts, talks, and laughs more like my dad every time I see him, which warms my heart toward my dad, who I had a difficult relationship with, and it is getting more and more difficult to remember why;

how my brother texted my son and me when he finally finished the puzzle we started during Thanksgiving (my brother and my son met for THE FIRST TIME over Thanksgiving);

how when I pulled up to my house back home, I could see into the first floor windows, where there was a long table filled with my neighbors’ family and friends who were laughing and eating as if they were a modern day Norman Rockwell painting;

how I had another whole, fabulous, Thanksgiving put on by my bf when I got home;

how my boss gave me a $100 bill in a Christmas card — early;

how he’s gone until tomorrow which allows me to get a lot of behind the scenes things done, including blogging on the job ; – );

how I’m finally mortgages-free;

how there are two women at work I spend 15 minutes talking to from 8 to 8:15 (read that 8:30) about how our evenings went, how our kids are doing, current events;

how I have a Christmas party to go to tomorrow and the office is closing early for it;

how we got to break dress code today and wear jeans;

how I listened to a Charlie Brown Christmas cd on the way to work yesterday as it was snowing big, fat, fluffy flakes;

how I stashed all the gifts I bought on Amazon under my desk to wrap up on my breaks and lunch hours so my cat won’t gnaw on all of them at my house, and how it makes me feel like Santa;

how I get emails daily from the Hungry Girl with great recipes, and I got one today for pumpkin chili, which is all kinds of up my alley;

how my cat has changed her stripes a little and curls up in bed with me now;

how I get home about 5:30 every night and immediately put on my new cozy nightshirt and socks;

how my daughter remembered to tell me how to live stream her college’s candlelight service so I could watch it.

And now I’m all caught up.  I didn’t have to do it, but as you can see, I continue to be grateful for the little things, and yes, naming the things I’m grateful for is canceling out the straggling painful feelings.







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