Quit cher bitchin (and gossipin too)

Everybody seems to be complaining today.

thm2anwv2mAs is often the case, I’m out of synch.

I got on the scale this morning after a long hiatus.  While it wasn’t my dream number, at least it hadn’t crept up.  Score!

My boss, out of the office most of the week, is in, but so far not too annoying, or looking for a project too big to fit into the time left in the day.  Also a score.

The work day ends around 2:30 today.

I get to go to a party tonight.

I had a wonderful conversation with my daughter last night.  When she calls my heart stops.  She usually just texts.  Turns out she had to walk somewhere kinda far and decided to fill the time catching up with me.  I LOVE THAT!

So, when the IT guy (very nice and very smart) said he was scared of the lady on the 5th floor he had to go help, I was surprised.  He usually talks about how proud he is of his son who is in his first semester of college far away.

The building maintenance guy (a friend since high school with one of my co-workers and friends) is fed up with the guys performing a shoddy job of upgrading our heating system.  Also, my boss left his coffee cups and other dishes on the sink the maintenance guy is using to wash paint brushes and stuff (oops).  I can’t figure out why my boss would do that.  No one is supposed to use that sink anymore, but we used to leave coffee cups there for our cleaning crew to take upstairs to the dishwasher.  What a bunch of spoiled assholes that makes us sound like.  Anyway, the maintenance guy  is usually very agreeable.

And my friend, mentioned above, made snide comments about someone we work with via an email exchange today.  I’m ashamed to say I participated.  It was fun.  It is always fun unless you are the person the comments are about.  I should know better, too, because one time they went through everyone’s emails to find evidence to fire a couple having an affair.  That showed management just how petty we can be and how much time we spend emailing about personal stuff.  And, I should just plain know better.


Well, now I’ve kind of depressed myself, but I hope we can all cheer up, shut up, and count our blessings for a minute!




One thought on “Quit cher bitchin (and gossipin too)

  1. When email came to my workplace decades ago, our technician scared the bejeezus out of all of us. He said we shouldn’t make the mistake of thinking emails were confidential. He said we should think of it like publishing something in the newspaper. Needless to say, we didn’t use it for gossip.
    Strangely enough, I feel freer to spill my secrets on my blog than I do in my email.

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