A little less judge-y

My coworker said I talk about him at least once a day.

She asked if my therapist has given me any exercises or tips to get over him.

This makes me mad.

Am I supposed to be sorry my grief over my lost family, my home, and my marriage, my life as I knew it, is going too slow for her?  It’s been 22 months.  I do get over things more slowly than others, probably, but wow…

People are such judges.  They see your problems through their own filter and say, why can’t she do this?  Or that?

I include myself in this, but…

Shouldn’t we all try to be a little less judge-y?  th

A little less judge-i-ness,

a little more fudge-i-ness,

I always say.


At least from now on.



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