2017 Horoscope Predictions


“Health of mother might fluctuate and she may suffer from health issues”

“Period between February to May end could be quite tough and you need to work hard to get your work done and recognized and thereafter, during October & November, seniors may not favor you as much. You should be careful during these periods.”

“Due to your work and other undertakings, it is possible that you may not enjoy the company of friends and they may not like it.”

“If you have any children, there might be a headache or two connected to parenting for you near the January 12. Most likely this involves an unexpected expense connected to one of your kids. Yikes! Another possibility is that you are dating someone that you are ready to cut loose. If you’re not feeling the love, then there isn’t much point in wasting your time. Move on. If, however, you’re madly in love ,then you can expect a lover’s quarrel like you’ve never had before.”

Well now…I wish I hadn’t asked?



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