All that glitters…gold or not


I’m having that sneaking feeling that things are afoot, behind my back, or in the air, or someplace where I can’t quite get a hold on it.

Sometimes when it’s revealed what the feeling was about, it is good, and exciting.  Sometimes I actually tingle when I have this feeling.  I’m not quite to that point, but I feel it.  Is it instinct?  Intuition?  Is it an actual, magical, happening of some sort?

I’m willing to believe in anything.  Always have.

Just wondering what it may be is making me happy.  I hope it’s not something bad, but I’ll deal with that if it is.  It usually isn’t.

Someone just folded up a sparkly table cloth that was on the coffee table in the reception area where I am manning the phone.  Glitter flew out everywhere.  That just reinforces this state I’m in.  I dig it.

At least for right now, the possibilities of 2017 are endless and twinkling.


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