Holiday Hangover / Malaise Haze

thA few days ago I wrote about that tingly feeling — anticipation of something good and fun and magical.

Yeah, that’s fizzled away.

In fact, for some, or several, reasons, I have what I’m calling a Holiday Hangover.  And/or, a Malaise Haze.  I drank enough of a bottle of wine last night to say to myself, “Hmmm…did I trip over the cat because I drunk?”  I ate the leftover Chinese food.  All of it.

And then I topped it all off with a pint of “high protein/low calorie” ice cream.  It really should have been “ice cream” put in quotes.


I feel awful today.

Also, my horoscope says I will “be tested.”  I didn’t really think that would be physically, although I am being self-inflicted tested physically for sure.  I didn’t take it as being tested in a Biblical way, but maybe in a spiritual way?

None of my usual joys sound interesting.  I feel very sluggish and tired.  I wish I could have stayed in bed, but I pulled that already this month.

Am I unraveling?  Why now?  Where did all the mojo go?

I also heard a full moon is coming.  That seems to be part of the swings I have, as well.

But, I put on my big girl panties and am suffering through work, and by that I mean going to the bathroom a lot and blogging.  And trying to get up to speed on Snapchat.

You’re welcome, whomever I’m trying to please with this embarrassing display…

A swing back in the other direction would be appreciated…

Any time now…


One thought on “Holiday Hangover / Malaise Haze

  1. I know these feelings – all of them. Remember that it is winter (assuming that you are living somewhere northwards). This is not the time for change or new beginnings. It is the time for conserving energy, hibernating, staying in your pajamas all day. You might have to get up and go to work, because . . . life. But that doesn’t make it right or natural. Keep those dreams of things to come, but don’t expect them tomorrow. Wait for the sun and the first signs of green buds . . .


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