My new commercial

“Hi, my name is Linley and I have BCI.  You know, brain chemical imbalance?

BCI used to keep me on the sidelines — in the shadows.  It was affecting my ability to take care of my kids and enjoy my hobbies.

Then my doctor recommended Prozac — Fluoxetine HCL.

Now I can join you in the sunshine and collect cat memorabilia.

Ask your doctor about Prozac Fluoxetine HCL.  Your kids and your kitty will be so glad you did.”

Right?  Too soon?

It’s AT LEAST as worthy of being treated as conditions like ED and whatever else.  There’s a bi-jillion of them.  I can left-brain it just as much as those.

“Depression” carries with it an “emotional” component — a “buck-up-ness” not required of people with diabetes, high blood pressure, psoriasis, joint pain, or even disfunctional private parts.  Can you die of lack of sexual penetration?  Painful vagina or soft penis?  Personally speaking, not yet.

Can you die of a BCI?  Yes.  People do every day.


2 thoughts on “My new commercial

  1. Comedic relief is rarely too soon 😉 I’ll never forget being stuck in a packed elevator and a single voice saying out loud “Hope this gets moving soon or we’ll all need Prozac.” A near unison cry of “Too late, already on it!” went up. It was the right help at the right time for me. Glad you are giving it a chance. And cutting yourself a bit of slack.

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