Letters are feminine and numbers are masculine,

Or, letters are cats, and numbers are dogs,

Or, letters are spoons, and numbers are forks,

Or, letters are socialists, and numbers are communists.  Fascists?  (I’m not versed on this…) — the opposite of socialists.

Letters love each other and cluster together — the more the merrier — (See supercalifragilisticexpialidocious).  However, there are certain letters who will only associate with others if their sidekicks can tag along (looking at you Q and U).  Or, they ride in a posse, like the “ing” gang.

In what they are trying to do, however, they are forgiving.  They make words you can string together correctly or not correctly, spelled right or spelled wrong, clear or not clear — speaker’s choice — but they all agree to endeavor to communicate a basic message.

Numbers are not having this nonsense.  There is no “not correct.”   The message is a success or a failure.  They add up or they don’t.  They’ll indiscriminately pair with any other number, and even letters if you’re not careful, but if the outcome is not “right,” the whole equation is scrapped.  Besides, numbers can be so….negative. th77SLVCUB



What do u think re this topik?

See, even though the question above should be, “What do you think about this topic?”, you still get the basic message.

That’s why letters can be so fun

and numbers can be so buttoned up…thR90UBOBF



2 thoughts on “Letters are feminine and numbers are masculine,

  1. I’ve spent quite a bit of my life considering this male/female aspect as it relates to words, thoughts, colors, numbers. I wasted an inordinate amount of time as a child organizing (but not actually using) my crayons in the box (of 64) by “boy colors” and “girl colors”. Fascinating but not all that productive. The 1975 Random House dictionary defined “Manly” with 21 adjectives – including strong, virile, resolute, honest, brave, etc. And in that same dictionary defined “Womanly” as “Like or befitting a woman. Not manly.” Ouch.


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