About likelinley

While unexpected infidelity and divorce in 2015 put this blog in motion, truthfully any ole trauma could have done the trick.

Because, the authenticity in my life had gone out to get a pack of cigarettes, and then showed back up about 20 years later.

I  didn’t recognize it.  Or trust it.  Or want anything to do with it dismantling my familiar house of lies.

But now that it’s moved back in, this space is helping me deal with it.

If you haven’t met authenticity, let me tell you, it can be abrupt.  And rude.  Sugarless, and not very kind.

Despite that, I’m really feeling the fresh start I ‘m expecting from 2017.

If you are interested in the effects of divorce, dealing with narcissism, dating after 50, poetry for all age groups, and spirituality, please feel free to make yourself at home and click around.

Other topics I like are:
all animals
creative writing other than poetry, and

And let’s be real…I’ll be here whether you are, or you aren’t.  Just like over at your space.  So, come every day for coffee, once a week out of boredom, or perhaps never again — fellow blogger’s choice.

Thanks for dropping by, even if it turns out it’s just for this once.




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