three things…

  1.  Gotta admire those who choose to follow my blog when I’m not writing regularly.  You are a Bad.  Ass.  (Meant to be a compliment.)
  2. WTF kind of word is “executrix?”  Actresses should be known as actors.  Executrix-es should be known as executors.  No need to call out genders, especially if the female one contains “trix.”  DISCUSS.
  3. And, the new copier at work says, “Recovering from sleep mode,” when it is gearing up from economy mode.  Whoever wrote that, please find me with your technological prowess.  We need to be a couple.  Seriously…”recovering” from “sleep?”  This person gets it.

The end.


Letters are feminine and numbers are masculine,

Or, letters are cats, and numbers are dogs,

Or, letters are spoons, and numbers are forks,

Or, letters are socialists, and numbers are communists.  Fascists?  (I’m not versed on this…) — the opposite of socialists.

Letters love each other and cluster together — the more the merrier — (See supercalifragilisticexpialidocious).  However, there are certain letters who will only associate with others if their sidekicks can tag along (looking at you Q and U).  Or, they ride in a posse, like the “ing” gang.

In what they are trying to do, however, they are forgiving.  They make words you can string together correctly or not correctly, spelled right or spelled wrong, clear or not clear — speaker’s choice — but they all agree to endeavor to communicate a basic message.

Numbers are not having this nonsense.  There is no “not correct.”   The message is a success or a failure.  They add up or they don’t.  They’ll indiscriminately pair with any other number, and even letters if you’re not careful, but if the outcome is not “right,” the whole equation is scrapped.  Besides, numbers can be so….negative. th77SLVCUB



What do u think re this topik?

See, even though the question above should be, “What do you think about this topic?”, you still get the basic message.

That’s why letters can be so fun

and numbers can be so buttoned up…thR90UBOBF


The Magic of Words, or a Tale of Emergency and Forgettery

Words are the most powerful drugI was coming out of a dream when the word “emergency” came to mind.  Specifically, whether its root word is “emerge.”  This was sort of like when you realize you’ve stumbled upon the meaning of life in a dream, but by the time you wake up fully, it’s left the tip of your tongue and is traveling through the universe to the place where you’ll die, which is the next most likely opportunity to know the meaning of life.   Like I said —  sort of like that.  Not that dramatic, actually, but the magic of getting a solution in an altered, calm state was the same.

I went to ask the internet about my emergency/emerge question, but by the time I read an article about three things never to eat for breakfast, and checked my horoscope, I couldn’t remember why I was there.

It’s like the kitchen.  I walk in there and think, “What was it I going to do in here again?”

I did, eventually, make it to a few days later.  After I looked up the word of the day, “forgettery,” which I admit I had never seen before, and which means “a faculty or facility for forgetting; faulty memory:  a witness with a very convenient forgettery,” and for which Spell Check says, “Go ahead and type it all you want…I’m not ever going to recognize it as a word.” 

And, look at that…emergency’s root is from, “Medieval Latin ēmergentia, equivalent to ēmerg- (see emerge ) + -entia -ency. See emergent.”

So, yes, I was right about it’s root being emerge or emergent.  Why had this never come to me before?  When I think “emergency,” I usually think “Emergency Room” and focus on the trauma, not that the trauma suddenly emerged.

Tomorrow, when I go to the internet for answers, but stop to read about how I can lose 5 pounds in 4 days, will my forgettery force me to look up emergency again?  Or, will I remember its magical property of coming from the root word emerge?

Yes, it is magic.  At least to me.




Love me a portmanteau

“A portmanteau is two words smushed together to make a new word that combines the meaning of the original two. Think “brunch.” These frankenwords (that’s one right there) give you more meaning with less wordz!”
– said someone on the internet

wordsMy favs:

“Frankenwords” from above.

Masturdating — going alone to a movie or dinner

Textpectation – anticipation when waiting for a text

Carcolepsy – when a person always falls asleep when the car starts moving

Unkeyboardinated – continually makes miskates mistakes while typing

Beerboarding / Shotboarding* (I made that up) – extracting secrets from someone by getting them drunk

Doppelbanger – someone who has sex with someone who looks like them, but is not related to them

Top five from:

And blog, of course.

I also like “truthiness” so very much!  It’s not a portmanteau, but it strikes a perfect, reverberating chord.  Where has it been all my life?!  Thank you Stephen Colbert for speaking it out loud.

Have a good weekend…

*© Shotboarding by Likelinley






Gratitude is the Antidote for Painful Feelings?

“An antidote is a substance which can counteract a form of poisoning.”
– some dictionary

I get a lot of self-help emails in my box.

I signed up for it, but I get mad at it.

Doesn’t it know I can’t read everything?

But, today I got an email about how gratitude is the antidote for our poisonous painful feelings.

Image result for casting a spell

Really?  Is it that simple?  Is feeling grateful simple?  Especially for a whiner like me?

Well shit, if I had known this, I would have given it a try.

No eye of newt to find and gouge out, no waiting for a full moon to dance under, no swinging of dead chickens….




This goes hand in hand with my post from a different email blast I’m subscribed to that said holding onto pain is a form of self-abuse.  Read it here:  Holding on to old pain

The trick is to make a daily ritual to acknowledge the gratitude — write it down, or speak it out loud, or pray.

The email suggested writing each thing you’re grateful for on a strip of paper.  Then collect them throughout the year and read them on New Year’s Eve.

I dig this idea.

I found an antique glass water bubbler in my basement when I was moving.  I took it with me.  It just sits at my new place, empty and see-through.  I think it would be a perfect place to store those strips of collected paper.

Let’s get this figured out, shall we?  I’m looking at you, me.