It’s intangible and un-articulate-able

Let me try to butcher it anyway:


My heart slows to a sleeping beat, yet vibrates with

alertness.  I’m up for all newness, all the time, after decades of

dryness.  But find I respond to his answer to that, to my deep

past, that I’m trying to reacquaint myself with, and

reconcile with, and his echoes to it, with unleashed, ancient,

clenched up, sobs that swell into bubbles, and project with

inhuman ferocity, from my human body


Is this garbage?

I can’t tell anymore…

Moving on


Instead of her, of course, I mean

If I were thinner, hair longer, skin
smoother, eyes bluer, lips darker, and
I incorporated more daytime leather —
could I make you want me?
Instead of her, of course,
I mean.


If I were dumber, but fit,
less pent up — overtly angry – right?
Could I make you want me?
Instead of her, of course,
I mean.


Could there be a trice of
acceptance? Not as I am, of course, but
as you would want me to be,
and as I would want to be, too,
to be with you,
instead of her, of course,
I mean.

If A’s are for Aardvarks

If A’s are for aardvarks
And B’s are for bats
Then C’s are for cheetahs
Shopping for hats!


If D’s are for dingoes
And E’s are for eels
Then F’s are for frogs
Racing automobiles!


 If G’s are for guppies
And H’s are for hogs
Then I’s are for insects
Jigging in clogs!


If J’s are for jackals
And K’s are for krill
Then L’s are for ladybugs
Seeking a thrill!


If M’s are for magpies
And N’s are for newts
Then O’s are for osprey
Trilling on flutes!


 If P’s are for puffins
and Q’s are for quail
Then R’s are for roosters
Riding the rails!


If S’s are for swans
And T’s are for trout
Then U’s are for unicorns
All tuckered out!


If V’s are for vermin
And W’s are for worms
Then X’s are extras
In animal terms!


If Y’s are for Yorkshires
And Z’s are for zanders
This rhyme’s exhausted
Its jaunty meanders!


China Doll

What have the eyes of my china doll seen?
What does the smile on her painted face mean?


How many aunts has she charmed with her grace?
How many tea guests have saved her place?

Where is her dress that is lost to the past?
How many years will her new outfit last?

How many whispers are stored in her head?
What are the secrets she best leaves unsaid?

Will she give comfort to my daughter too?
What will the two of them think up to do?

One Mississippi Is Just Not Enough

When I get angry, I huff and I puff,
And “One Mississippi” is just not enough!


Maybe eleven or twelve would suffice.
Maybe I’ll calm down by counting them twice!

I think need backup:  Alaska and Maine,
All the Americas, England and Spain!

I may need the lakes, and all plots of land,
I may need the mountains, the oceans, and sand!

I may need the air!  In fact, the whole sky!
I may need the moon, and the stars zooming by!


‘Cause one Mississippi cannot bring me peace.
The cosmos is needed for this heat to cease!